About Us

About Ten Degrees

Ten Degrees jewelry draws inspiration from life’s journey + the wisdom we gather from our experiences.  Our Alberta designed jewelry represents the country we call home; Strong + Free with endless opportunities.  Tailor your look with resilience + innovation.  We deliver jewelry that is boundless in its creativity to celebrate + empower you.  Craft your journey with a myriad of meaningful + customizable jewelry.  Choose the pieces that represent you, your sense of style + your passions.  We deliver contemporary design with exceptional value.  With Ten Degrees the possibilities are endless….

Be yourself.
Life is a journey. Just be you.

Express yourself.
Our Collections help to inspire the creativity in you. Many of our Collections allow you to be the Designer! Be Strong. Be United. Be Free. Be your True North. Jewelry is an extension of you.

Share your story.
Share what inspired your design. We are passionate about what matters to you.

Navigating life’s story without limits in jewelry!