Men's Collection

Design your look today with resilience + innovation. Our patented Spin + Style Jewelry reinvents the rules of jewelry design. The STRONG + FREE COLLECTION pioneers strength + diversity. Simply combine the strength of the base rings with the diversity in the spinners to inspire your sense of individual style. Channel your thoughts + worries, using our spinners as a sensory medium. Boundless creativity meets endless possibilities. From bold + powerful to subtle elegance + simplicity. The glossy scratch resistant finish gives this unique high-tech ceramic its own mystique. Simple yet sophisticated.

Embrace Life. It’s Your Journey.

Choose your base ring + simply unthread + combine with one, two or three of our extensive collection of contemporary spinner rings in high quality materials such as high-tech ceramic, stainless steel or sterling silver. Express your creativity. Please see our sizing chart for the spinner size to order with the base design.